Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers

What leash and harness do you use?

For a leash, we rotate between a simple nylon leash or a long retractable leash depending on the situation. We primarily use a custom made harness from or a thin nylon H harness from depending on season.

Were do you get their outfits?

They only wear clothes if it is needed because we believe that comfort and freedom are more important than fashion. The cats usually only wear clothes if it is cold outside or for water activities. We do not shop at a specific store but find cute things online or at local pet stores. They have been trying out bandanas from because they have a cute adventure line of bandanas.

How big are Kazuki and Konami?

Kazuki is a lean, long 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and Konami is shorter, stalky 8 pounds (3.6 kg).

What kind of cat is a Bengal?

A Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. They are described as usually being dog-like and have outgoing, independent personalities. This is not the most affectionate breed in general and they require a lot of attention or they can become destructive. They are very intelligent and are known for opening doors, stealing meat off the counters and finding unique things to amuse themselves if they are bored. The Bengal cat is not for everyone as they are not typically a lazy breed and require a lot of attention. If you have the desire to obtain a Bengal, please do your research and screen your breeder first, as they do have several breed related health issues you should be aware of.

How did you leash train your cats?

We started harness and leash training him two days after we obtained him when we knew he was adapted to his new home. We ensured he was comfortable wearing a leash and a harness before taking him outside. We started with small adventures in the backyard until he was fully vaccinated and then short trips to various parks, stores and other places for socialization, gradually increasing time and a variety of locations based on how he responded to them. Kazuki is not the first adventure cat we have trained so we knew what we were doing by the time he came along. Sukiyaki was our first Bengal, born in 2005, before adventure cats, Instagram and walking your cat was a thing and he was more adventurous than Kazuki and was trained in the same manner. Unfortunately, he passed when he was only 7 years old due to breed related health issues. Additionally, we have also trained 2 other Bengals starting as kittens.

Konami was a natural from the start and he usually just follows everyone else.  He is better off leash than Kazuki.

How did you train Kazuki to walk with you?

We started him very young and rewarded him when he walked with us, and discouraged him from stopping and looking around, eating grass, etc. He is bonded to his dog sister so when she is with us, they often make it a competition to see who leads the way which keeps him moving. Eventually, he learned to find and follow trails and pathways so now we do encourage taking breaks to stops to look at wildlife, the views or snack on grass on breaks.

How do you manage Kazuki off-leash?

Kazuki is rarely off leash except in the fenced in backyard or places where we know he will not run off (in the snow, on a boardwalk or alongside a river or creek). We usually photoshop out the leash in our photos. We also obey any leash laws in national, state and local parks which are important for his safety and that of the wildlife there.

Do you use a backpack?

We usually only use a backpack in busy cities, heavily populated trails or on trails longer than 4-5 miles (6.5-8km). When hiking, Kazuki usually wants to be out the entire time walking and refuses to stay in the backpack.

Konami enjoys riding in a backpack and we usually use the Mr. Peanuts Pet carrier (found in our Recommended products).

Do you use a tracker?

We do not use a tracker for him because the ones we have evaluated seem to require cell phone service which is not available in most of the places we would need it the most. If anyone knows of a good tracker that uses satellite and does not require a subscription, please let us know.

How do Kazuki and Konami use the bathroom during travel and outdoor activities?

Both cats have no issues going to the bathroom on walks as long as it is fairly quiet. Konami normally holds his bladder all day and goes when we are back indoors. On long trips in the car and flights we do travel with a litter box and it is available if they need to use it. Kazuki has a distinct meow that tells us he needs to go to the bathroom.

How well do Kazuki and Konami travel?

Both cats have been a natural at traveling and fortunately not required much training.  Konami went on his first airplane ride a few weeks after coming home and just adapted and mimicked Kazuki.  Kazuki has always been comfortable in the car.  On the plane, both cats usually just sleep the whole flight.  We always travel with food, water, treats and a travel box on flights and long road trips.

What do you do for food and water during traveling?

We have a plastic double dish bowl in the car we offer unlimited water and dry food when traveling on long trips. For several day trips, we feed wet food daily to ensure he stays hydrated while traveling. On the trails, we always stop to offer snacks to ensure he stays hydrated. He will not eat food typically or drink water while hiking but will usually take any treat.

What are some of their favorite places to explore?

Kazuki is the happiest on quiet trails and especially enjoys the mountains.  His favorite parks so far have been Canyonlands National Park, Glacier National Park, Shenandoah National Park and Raven Rock State Park.  Konami has not visited as many places as Kazuki but he enjoys quiet, isolated trails as well and is usually happy whenever one of his fur siblings is there with him.  His favorite place so far has been Grayson Highland State Park, although he is not a fan of the wild ponies.

What are some things Kazuki and Konami do not enjoy?

Kazuki does not enjoy places where there are lots of people, particularly because they tend to bombard him. He is also not fond of bike riding because he has to stay in the backpack for safety. He is also not a fan of cat shows, other cats, loud wind and hot weather. Konami does not like the heat, dogs and getting into trouble (which is quite often). He is also not a fan of being alone and prefers the company of his furry siblings.

Do Kazuki and Konami have any siblings?

They have a Chocolate Labrador sister named Holea who was born in 2011, a Bengal brother named Kainoa born in 2009 and a human baby brother born in 2020.  Everyone gets along and they love sleeping together.

What is the quirkiest thing about Kazuki and Konami?

When Kazuki was younger, he hated climbing trees and when we placed him in a tree, he would fall out of it and not even try to hold on. It wasn’t until he realized that birds and squirrels were in the trees that he developed an interest in climbing the trees. No, he loves exploring each tree branch individually but will only go up each one time. Konami has an obsession with Chick Fil A and he loves taking trips through the drive-thru.

What kind of food do you feed Kazuki and Konami?

Kazuki eats a prescription urinary diet for after being diagnosed with urinary crystals a few years ago and Konami eats Purina ProPlan. Both cats enjoy a morning dollop of whipped cream and Inaba Churu snacks as often as they can (found in our recommended products link).

What camera do you use?

We use a combination of cameras which include a Sony a7III, Nikon 5600 and an iPhone XS.

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